Town Hall remodel going apace

The old dropped ceiling, its framework and the insulation are out and gone; and the framing for the new ceiling is installed.  This week the electrical work is moving right along.  We are on pace for our new safe, high and well lighted ceiling.

We have started the remodel

Nolden Construction started the repair of the main room of the town hall the day after the election.  They are moving rapidly – this photo is from day one of the job. 

Spring Primary election results

Statewide turnout was 7.2%.  Town of Montrose turnout was 18.7% (155 voted out of 830 registered voters)  


Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Underly:  40      Briggs: 31     Kerr:  25     Krull:  17     Gunderson: 13      Fenrick:  7      Hendricks:  6

Belleville School Board

Johann:  62      Fahey:  47     Monroe:  47     Bowers:  41     Keyes:  38

Oregon School Board

Pollock:  1     Lokuta:  1

There were no write ins in any of the races.  There was no school board primary for either Verona or New Glarus.

No Land Use Committee meeting in February 2021

No applications for hearing were received as of February 8, 2021, so the Land Use Committee meeting scheduled for February 22, 2021 has been cancelled.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 22, 2021, with applications due by March 8.

Clerk Position Open – Applications due by March 5, 2021

The Town of Montrose, Dane County (pop.1100) is seeking a clerk. This is a part-time position which requires experience with clerical work, computers, website, accounting/payroll, budgeting, and the ability to attend trainings. The successful applicant will be required to learn and be responsible for the duties of the Town Clerk under Wis. Stats. §§ 60.33, 60-34 and 66.0607 which includes, but is not limited to: issuing licenses and permits, record and post ordinances and resolutions, clerk of meetings, prepare and maintain official town records and accounts, manage payroll, receive and disburse town money, assist in preparation of town budget. Must communicate effectively with the public, vendors, other town employees and public officials. Residency preferred but not required. Town reserves the right to reject all applicants.  Send any questions regarding the job to:
Mail a cover letter and resume with references to:
Town Board, Town of Montrose, 1341 Diane Ave, Belleville WI 53508

Or submit packet in person at: Town Hall, 1341 Diane Avenue, Belleville WI 53508.

All applications are due no later than March 5, 2021

Spring Primary voting – absentee by mail, absentee in person, and on election day

Mail in absentee voting has started.  As February 1, 2021, 43 absentee ballots had been requested and mailed.  The primary races are:  State Superintendent of Public Instruction; Belleville School Board; Oregon School Board.

In person absentee voting starts now.  The Town Hall will be open for voting starting today, February 2, 2021, and for each weekday from today through Friday, February 12, 2021.  If the clerk is in at other times, you are welcome to drop in and vote.  If the set times do not work for you, call or text 608-424-3848 to set up an individual time.

The hours for regular voting in this Spring Primary Election are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.  All absentee ballots must be returned by the end of regular voting to be counted.  Ballots can be mailed back, or put through the mail slot of the town hall office.

Check on to see if your ballot has been received.