FEMA Teams Deploy to Dane County Communities

Excerpt from Media Release from County of Dane Department of Emergency Management.  Contact Carrie Meier for more information.  608/266-5374 meier.carrie@countyofdane.com (Ref #201081023-#1) or contact Montrose Town Clerk at 608-424-3848

FEMA Teams Deploy to Assist with Registration

The FEMA Disaster Service Assistance Teams (DSA) will begin going door to door in flood/storm affected Dane County communities starting 10/23/2018.  The sole mission is to assist residents register with FEMA for disaster assistance.  They will begin in the Village of Mazomanie and move to other affected areas of Dane County………

Three ways to apply for FEMA funding:

1.     Call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 (FEMA)

2.     Register online and click on “Enter your city and State or Zip Code to see if your area has been declared”

3.     When opened visit the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.  This location will be heavily advertised once it is established.  The Disaster Recovery will be a location where people can interact face to face with FEMA and other available resources.  Monitor media and the County website for more information.  https://dcflood.countyofdane.com

Address Changes

Now is the time to contact the Montrose Treasurer to update your tax bill address.  To change a name on your tax bill go to https://treasurer.countyofdane.com/name_change.aspx or contact the Dane County Treasurer’s office at 608-266-4151

Potential Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Voter Registration Resource

SUBJECT: Potential Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Voter Registration Resource

On October 1, 2018, two state election offices reported residents receiving phone calls impersonating an organization that provides voter registration assistance. The callers asked the recipients if they wanted to register to vote or request an absentee ballot over the phone.

These calls raise the possibility of voter confusion or follow-on malicious activity. Those who provide information to the callers will not be registered to vote, potentially causing a large number of unregistered residents to appear at their local polling place on Election Day. Those who requested an absentee ballot may contact local election offices seeking their mailed ballot or report requesting the ballot but not receiving it.

Additionally, voter registration requires residents to provide significant personal information, such as date of birth, physical address, or partial Social Security Numbers. It is unclear at this time if the callers requested the sensitive personal information required for registration. If provided, this information could be used to attempt fraudulent voter registration or conduct financially-motivated identity theft.

The EI-ISAC encourages recipients to share this information with other election offices within your state. If you are aware of any reports of these phone calls occurring in your jurisdiction, please immediately report it to the EI-ISAC SOC at 866-787-4722 or SOC@cisecurity.org.