It might be a good idea to check your voter registration status for 2020

This is just a reminder, as we have 4 important elections this year, the first on February 18th.  If you are in any doubt about whether you are registered to vote, and that all your information is correct, you can check it out on and make sure, before you are in line at the polls and maybe have to run back home to get proof of residence (you always have to bring proof of identity).  You are also welcome to call or text the town at 608-424-3848, or e-mail to  We can check it out for you, and help you get things sorted if there is any problem.  

2020 Meeting Dates update – changes in April and November

This year the Town Board will have its regular meetings on the second Tuesday, rather than the first, in both April and November, to avoid conflict with the elections being held on those Tuesdays.  The Annual Meeting will be, as usual, on the third Tuesday in April. (the tax bill handout had an erroneous date listed).  The dates are:

     April 14, 2020:   Regular Town Board Meeting

     April 21, 2020:   Annual Meeting

     November 10, 2020:   Regular Town Board Meeting