Weekly election update – status as of October 3

As of today, October 3, 2020, there are 800 registered voters in the Town of Montrose. 

          NOTE:  you can register on-line through October 14; you can mail in a registration if it is postmarked October            14 or earlier.  You can register in person at the town hall through October 30.  Or you can come in person on            election day, November 3, to register to vote.

Of our 800 registered voters, 291 (36%) have requested absentee ballots. And we have received 153 back already, 19 % of the electorate.  There is still plenty of time to request and receive a ballot by mail.  The quickest way to get your ballot is to make the request on myvote.wi.gov.  That request is immediately transmitted to the clerk’s office, and the ballot will be mailed the next business day.