Election update October 24, 2020

Statistics:  807 registered voters.  380 absentee ballots issued (47%).  321 absentee ballots returned – includes in-person voters (40% of electorate; 84% of absentee ballots issued).  59 absentee ballots not yet returned.

IMPORTANT:  Absentee ballots are voted when mailed.  If you have not yet mailed back  your ballot, please return it securely to the town hall by dropping it through the letter drop of the office door.  When nobody is at the hall, all doors are locked and deadbolted.

In person absentee voting, and voter registration, continues next week, Monday through Friday from 10 am to noon, and from 2 p.m. to 4 pm without appointments.  If a voter needs some different time, appointments are made by calling 608-424-3848.