Informational meeting – Hwy 69 resurfacing from the county line to Gehin St, SW of Belleville

 Here’s what the DOT has to say:

 The rehabilitation project is intended to address deteriorating pavement and extend the service life on approximately 3.89 miles of roadway. This project will consist of removing 4-inches of existing pavement for the entire width of roadway and placing 4-inches of new asphaltic pavement. The work is expected to utilize flagging operations and remain open to traffic, so a detour will not be necessary. Construction is currently scheduled for 2022 but could be constructed in 2021 if funding is available. This meeting is intended to provide information about the project. WisDOT representatives will be available to discuss the project in detail, gather feedback, and address any questions or concerns the public may have.


Persons with any questions or concerns pertaining to this project or the meeting are encouraged to contact Jim Simpson, Project Manager at the WisDOT Southwest Region at 2101 Wright Street, Madison, WI  53704, email:, or phone: (608) 246-5628.