Highway 69 – information on the reconstruction project

On May 30, 2019, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation held public information meetings regarding the new construction on Highway 69.  DOT representatives provided maps and detailed information, which can be viewed in depth at this web address:  http://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/projects/by-region/sw/wis69/default.aspx.  The DOT currently expects the schedule of activities to be:

           Appraisals and plans to utilities:  June 2019

           Draft plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E):  November 2020

           Final PS&E:   May 2021

           Construction from Paoli to Valley Road:  Spring to Fall 2022.  Includes constructioni of roundabout at the intersection of PB and Hwy 69.  Diane Avenue intersection to remain open.

            Construction from County D in Belleville to Paoli. Spring to Fall 2023. Diane Avenue intersection closed, intersection of PB and Hwy 69 to remain open.