Voting Information

 VOTING INFORMATION   At you can check on your registration status, register if you need to, request an absentee ballot, and obtain a great variety of general information.  It should probably be your first stop if you have questions.

Town Clerk.

The town clerk is responsible for making sure that elections are set up and conducted properly.  If you have any questions about voting in the Town of Montrose, do not hesitate to call or text the clerk at 608-424-3848, or to e-mail

In person absentee voting.

The Town of Montrose does not have set office hours, so in person absentee voting occurs by appointment once ballots are available, and ends the Friday before the election.  Make an appointment by calling or texting the clerk at 608-424-3848, or by e-mailing

Polling Place

The Town of Montrose has only one polling place - the Town Hall, located in Paoli at the intersection of Diane Avenue and Highway 69, at 1341 Diane Ave, Belleville WI 53508.

Photo ID/Proof of residence 

Photo ID requirements are different than proof of residence requirements. All voters must show proof of residence to register to vote, and a driver license or state ID card with a current address are just two of many documents can use to prove they are residents. A full list is available here:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) advises anyone who does not have a state ID card to take advantage of the opportunity to get one for free.  Information on how to do so can be found here: