Voting Information

June 12 - June 16: THE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION OF REGISTRATION (Four-Year Voter Record Maintenance) postcards will be mailed to voters identified as having not voted within the previous four years.  Voters sent a postcard will have their voter status in WisVote set to "Active" with a status reason of "Suspended".

July 15: Deadline for voters to respond with an Application for continuation of Registration.  Voters who did not request continuation, or whose Notice of Suspension of Registration was not returned to the clerk as undeliverable by July 15, 2017, will have their voter status changed to "Inactive" with a status reason of "4-Year Maintenance".


How do I register to vote?

How do I apply for an absentee ballot?

Where is my polling place?

Who are my elected officials?

These questions and more can be answered at MY VOTE WISCONSIN and or

 State of Wisconsin

Photo ID requirements are different than proof of residence requirements. All voters must show proof of residence to register to vote, and a driver license or state ID card with a current address are just two of many documents can use to prove they are residents. A full list is available here:

The G.A.B. advises anyone who does not have a state ID card to take advantage of the opportunity to get one for free. The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles has a process to allow people to obtain a free State ID card for voting purposes, even if the person does not have a birth certificate.

Kennedy said that process can take time, especially for people born outside of Wisconsin, so it makes sense to get started early. More information is available at the Wisconsin DMV website: