Speedway Road Update # 3

The latest information is that Payne and Dolan has completed pulverizing the surface of Speedway Road north of Schaller Road, and has graded the road preparatory to paving.  The road is open to traffic.

Payne and Dolan expects to pave at the end of next week (week of September 7th), but their scheduling is weather dependent, so the paving may occur later.  This will be a one day job, but we do not know precisely when it will occur nor exactly how long it will take.  During the actual time of paving, and possibly for a couple of hours thereafter, the road will not be usable.

From now until the paving occurs the road patrolman will be visiting the area frequently, and will be happy to answer any questions.  The clerk will be on vacation from Labor Day through September 17th, but phone messages left on the town phone (608-424-3848) will be returned to the extent possible.