Election status as of September 19, 2020.

As of September 19, 2020, the Town of Montrose has 779 registered voters.    Ballots have been mailed to all 241 (30 %)  who have so far requested ballots.  The actual mailings occurred on September 18 and 19, 2020.

There is plenty of time to register online (until October 14), and even more to request that an absentee ballot be sent to you.  However, in person absentee voting cannot legally start until October 20, 2020, 14 days before the election.  Hours to vote in person absentee will be a minimum of all weekdays from and including October 20, 2020 through and including October 30, 2020, from 10 to noon and 2 to 4.  Call to arrange a different time if you need one.  The clerk can be reached by call or text at 608-424-3848.

Please consider keeping our poll workers as safe as possible by voting absentee.  The Town will do all it can to assist you in this.