Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage & Recycling

To avoid your recycling materials becoming mixed up with garbage materials, please put your recyclables in a clear plastic garbage bag.  This will enable the people who pick up the garbage and recyclables to be able to see clearly what is recylable and what is garbage.  For more information please contact the clerk at (608) 424-3848

How do I book the Town Hall?

Go to Forms and Permits and you will find the hall reservation form and rules.  You are not able to book the hall from the website.  Also, the calendar is not updated on a daily basis and may not have all the dates that are booked.  You will need to contact the Town Clerk at 608-424-3848 to reserve the date of your event and to verify the day is open.

Will there be re-construction for Highway 69?

Construction is scheduled to take place summer of 2019. During construction, the roadway will be closed to through traffic. Access to residences and bisinesses throughout the corridor will be maintained.

The project begins near the intersection of County Road D in Belleville, WI and extends north approximately 8.56 miles to the intersection of Valley Road.

Are there public hearings scheduled for Highway 69 reconstruction?

Yes, please note the project schedule below:

Project update/next steps-Project schedule

Public Information Meeting #1 April 13, 2015
Public Information Meeting #2 April 14, 2015
30% Plans April 2015
Environmental Document November 2015
60% Preliminary Plans January 2016
Public Information Meeting #3 March 2016
90% Draft PS&E August 2017
FInal PS&E May 2018
Construction Summer 2019
Where can I find my Dane County Supervisor?

You can find email addresses at and the County Board Office phone number is 266-5758

Who is the County Supervisor for the Town of Montrose?

Currently for District 30 Patrick Downing is the Supervisor for the Town of Montrose. 

What is the current population of the Town?

According to the Demographic Services Center's preliminary estimate of the January 1, 2015 population is 1,084.

When and where are Board and Committee meetings held?

All Board and Committee meetings are held at the Montrose Town Hall and unless otherwise noted and are held as follows:

Regular Board meetings - first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m.

Land Use meetings - last Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Long Range Planning - second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

What time should the garbage and recyclables be set out for pick up?

All garbage and recyclables should be set out before 7:00 a.m. on the day of pick up. Pick up is scheduled for every other Thursdayeach year. 2010 pick up will start on January 7th. If a holiday falls on a Thursday (Thanksgiving), pick up will be the next day. If the holiday is a "Eve" pick up is not rescheduled, if the holiday is a "Day" pick up will be the following working day. For example, if Christmas Eve is on a Thursday, pick up will be Thursday and if Christmas Day is on a Thursday, pick up will be Friday.

Where can I take household hazarous waste?

Madison/Dane County Clean Sweep

2302 Fish Hatchery Road
Madison WI 53713
Phone: (608) 243-0347

Common hazardous wastes that are accepted include:

Automotive Products, Ballasts, Corrosives, Insecticides and Pesticides, Mercury/Amalgam, Paints, Solvents, Solvent-Based Products, Solvent-Based Cleaners, Degreasers and Strippers, Adhesives, Glues and Caulks, Photo/S-ray Developer Chemicals.

How do I dispose of latex paint?

Because latex paint is relatively non-toxic, it can be placed in the garbage if it is properly solidified as long as you do the following:

First check to make sure it is latex paint-look on the label for "latex" or directions to clean up or thin with water. Oil-based or combustible paints and stains left over from home projects, whether liquid or solid, should be taken to the Dane County Clean Sweep Facility at 2302 Fish Hatchery Road for proper disposal.

How do I solidify latex paint?

Revove the lid and let the paint dry out in the can: protect from freezing and rain as well as curious children and animals. This only works if an inch or less of paint is left in the can and is most effective in warmer months. Mix latex paint with a latex paint hardener, stir and allow to harden. Once the latex paint has hardened or solidified, it can be trashed. However, make sure the lids are off when you set them at your curb, or place them in your trash cart if you have automated trash pick up.

For more information, or if you have any questions please call the Madison/Dane County Clean Sweep Facility (608) 243-0368 or call your local trash hauler.

The above information is available in detail in brochures located at the Montrose Town Hall.

Where can I get information on the Senior Citizens Program?

The Sugar River Senior Center located at 21 South Vine Street, PO Box 267, Belleville WI 53508. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Program Director-Amanda Peterson, 424-6007

Case Manager-Tressa Proctor, 424-6007

Driver Escort Program-424-6007

Phone: 608-424-6007
Fax: 608-424-1552

Does Montrose have a Bookmobile?

The Bookmobile is at Paoli Park each week on Fridays, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. There is a schedule posted at Paoli Park.  The Bookmobile is a service of the Dane County Library Service

What is the Annual Meeting? Wis. Stat. 60.14

The annual meeting is not a town board meeting; it is a meeting of the electors, with those present comprising the body that is meeting. A qualified elector is someone who is eligible to vote, i.e. someone at least 18 years old and a resident of the town for at least 10 days prior to the meeting. A qualified elector does not need to be registered to vote.

Notices, agendas: By default the annual meeting is held on the third Tuesday in April. A prior annual meeting may set a differnt date if that date is within 10 days after the second Tuesday in April. A different date will require a class 2 notice started not more than 20 nor less than 15 days prior to the date of the meeting. The annual meeting can never be held before the second Tuesday in April. The town board can never set the date for the annual meeting, only a prior annual meeting can establish a different date.

The annual meeting may transact any business over which the town meeting has jurisdiciton. No agenda is required to be noticed. The annual meeting is an exception to the open meetings law in this regard.

If the annual meeting will be on the third Tuesday in April and in the same place as last year it actually requires no notice to be given.

What is the rule on accessing records?

Except as otherwise provided by law, any requester has a right to inspect any record. per WI Stat 19.35. The right to inspect or copy a record under this paragraph does not apply to any of the following:

Any record containing personally identifiable information that is collected or maintained in connection with a complaint, investigation or other circumstances that may lead to an enforcement action, administrative procedding, arbitration proceeding or court proceeding, or any such record that is collected or maintained in connection with such an action or proceeding.
Any record containing personally identifiable information that, if disclosed, would do any of the follwoing:

a. Endanger an idividual's life or safety.

b. Identify a confidential informant

c. WI STAT 302.01, 165.85 (2)(bg), 938.02(10p), 938.02(15g), 51.01(12), 51.01(3)

d. WI STAT 19.35(d), 3(b)(c)(d)(e)(em)(f)(g)(h)(i)(j)(k)(L)

e. WI STAT 19.35 (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

Where can I find information on voting?

Go to the Governmental Accountability Board web site and click on Elections & Voting, Voters, Registration and Voting.  This will also bring you to where you can view your voter status. You may also go to

Where can I find information on recycling in Wisconsin?
Does the Town have a Comprehensive Plan/Land Use Plan and where can I find it?

Yes the Town has a Land Use Plan.  You can find it at and click on the following:  Departments, Planning & Development, Dane County Comprehensive Plan, Dane County Town Component Plans. 

Scroll down and click on Town of Montrose then click on County Adopted Town Plan 1/18/2011

A copy is available at the Town Hall for viewing.

Where can I find information on my assessment?

Contact Gardiner's Appraisal

Phone: (608) 943-8009

Who do I contact for assessment questions?

If you have concerns about your assessment, contact Gardiner Appraisal Service LLC (608) 943-8009. You can discuss your assessment questions and concerns at Open Book and Board of Review.  Dates for Open Book and Board of Review will be posted at the Town Hall and or contact the Town Clerk at (608) 424-3848

If I do not agree with my assessment, what can I do?

Contact Gardiner Appraisal Service LLC (608) 943-8009, to discuss the information and methods used to arrive at the current assessed value.

Attend the Open Book at the Montrose Town Hall. (check calendar/agendas for date)

Attend the Board of Review (check calendar/agendas for date)

What is Open Book?

You will meet with the appraisor and ask questions/get answers regarding your property

What is Board of Review?

The Board of Review is a Quasi-judicial body that will hear evidence from property owner

What do I as property owner need to do at Board of Review?

Go to for a list of commonly asked questions.

Go to for the Guide for Property Owners

Go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue and search with Board of Review for more information

Can I recycle "ag plastics"?

Agricultural plastics or "ag plastics" are becoming easier to recycle in some counties in Wisconsin. A pilot program involving Revolution Plastics and Green County residents to determine the feasibility of collecting a variety of ag and silage plastics has proven to be successful and this summer Revolution Plastic's free on-farm collection service will be expanded throughout southern Wisconsin. A collection system of approximately 88 dumpsters is expected to increase to almost 800 by late July.

Revolution Plastics provides small covered dumpsters for the bulk collection of low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) at no cost to eligible generators (typically farms). These materials are then transported to the Green County Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Brodhead, WI for compaction and final delivery to Revolution Plastic's facility in Arkansas. To determine your eligibility to participate in this free collection program based on the materials you generate and your location, contact Revolution Plastics through their website at